We at Alpha have the  capability of cutting preformed shapes, tubes, channel, angle iron etc. Virtually any shape that can be drawn can be cut by laser cutting. Normal sheet metal rules (i.e., punching a hole closer to the edge than a material thickness) many times don't apply to laser cutting, so seemingly impossible parts may be produced. We are very good at cutting thin material and shim stock, and thicker materials previously machined (to 12 mm) can be cut.

Our Laser Cutting Facilities including the following major machines imported from reputed global manufacturers.


  Power - 4000 Watts
   Steel Plates - 20 mm
   Stainless Steel Plates - 16 mm
   Working Area - 3 mt. X 1.5 mt.

   Power  - 1000 Watts
   Stainless Plate - 8 mm (Max.
   Stainless Steel Plate - 6 mm (Max.)
   Working Area -

   Power -  1000 Watts with Rotary Pipe Indexing   
   Maximum Dia - 180 mm
   Maximum Length - 1100 mm
   Minimum Dia - 20 mm
   Working Area - 3'' X 4'


   Power - 1750 Watts
   Steel Plates - 16 mm
   Stainless Steel Plates - 12 mm
   Working Area - 3 mt. X 1.5 mt.


Activity Sectors
  • Aero Space Industries
  • Animal Farming Equipment Manufacturers
  • Architectural Applications
  • Dairy Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers
  • Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers
  • Food Processing Machinery Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers
  • Power Generation Equipment Manufacturers
  • Ship Building Industries
  • Telecommunication & Electronics Industries
  • Textile Machinery Manufacturers  etc.


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