Oxy-fuel cutting is a combustion process. An oxygen jet burns the metal in a narrow section to make a cut and removes the combustion products (slag) from the kerf. The purity of the cutting oxygen is of key importance for the cutting speed that can be achieved. High purity oxygen means high productivity. Before oxy-fuel cutting can begin, the steel must be preheated to ignition temperature. This is done by means of an oxygen/fuel gas flame. The choice of fuel gas influences the cutting process with regard to quality, preheating times and the thickness of the material that can be cut with good results. The most critical part of the cutting equipment is the cutting nozzle. The performance of a nozzle rises with the increasing exit velocity of the cutting oxygen jet, which in turn depends on the design of the nozzle orifice. Working with fuel gases and oxygen can be risky if the person using the equipment does not have sufficient knowledge of the equipment and its installation, handling and care.

Oxy-fuel cutting is used for mild and low-alloy steel in a material thickness of up to a few meters! The surface condition has a certain influence on the cut quality, for example different types of shop primers for temporary protection against corrosion. Straight cuts, bevel cutting or weld-edge preparation with several torches simultaneously are just a few options offered by this versatile tool. Another is the potential for easy mechanization.

We have installed a state-of-the-art CNC Plasma / Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine from Messer Greishim, USA.


Steel Plates : 32 mm (max.)
Stainless Steel Plates : 16 mm (max.)
Steel Plates : 150 mm (max.) With Oxy Fuel
3.2 mt. X 8 mt.


Some of the many many parts cut and finished by us are shown in the scrolling images below.

Activity Sectors
  • Aero Space Industries
  • Animal Farming Equipment Manufacturers
  • Architectural Applications
  • Dairy Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers
  • Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers
  • Food Processing Machinery Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers
  • Power Generation Equipment Manufacturers
  • Ship Building Industries
  • Telecommunication & Electronics Industries
  • Textile Machinery Manufacturers  etc.




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